Britt Nicole


Britt Nicole has come a long way from where she started. It's been about 8 years since her debut album "say it." Now she's out with an album called Gold which first released as a Christian album and a pretty similar album released mainstream the following year. I prefer the original because the picture on the cover is more wholesome and other than that they seem pretty similar. Her music has never been super overt in its Christian message. Yet if you are a Christian you understand her message is always from a Christian perspective and using Biblical concepts. Would it be preferable if she would just "say it" as her first album says, sure, but still her message is impressive.

She has a very unusual ability to reach you on an emotional level. It's similar in what Kerrie Robert's does and Natalie grant. But still she has her own sound and unique style. She is a little bit hip hop and a bit pop and a lot talented. Her voice sounds as though she wrote these songs and is sending them via email to you personally which is a great gift to have. Perhaps all the greats have this ability.

This album is filled with standout songs. The title track gold talks about how we all are of great value. The bible compares a person who suffers as a Christian as to refined gold. I think this is a theme throughout this record of biblical themes, but said in a way you aren't always sure that is what she is saying. A couple of songs mention God. But it's an album like her others that tries to minister while not fully saying it.

This certainly isn't a style of Christian music I would say is copyable because you really need to be more clear in your lyrics. However there is a lot of encouragement here as her song "look like love" talks about how she wants people to see the "Savior" who is Jesus in her. I do see it even if he is covered a bit in intentional vagueness which is not ideal. Yet I always get ministry from her. Somehow though the light may be diffused it is alwaysshowing through on these songs. I give Gold an 8 1/2 out of 10.